Aug 8

Customer personality for churn intervention

For most consumer-based companies around the world, the top priority is to prevent their customers from leaving their service, otherwise known as churning. This is a widely accepted truth in the business world, as consumers and customers are the lifeblood of any company. Yet, despite this, 85% of customers say that a company could have done more to retain them. This is likely because most companies lead studies in order to predict churn as it happens, but not on how to prevent it. While predicting when a customer will leave is a vital part of the process, there needs to be effective preventative measures in place as well.

That being said, companies today already have several ways to intervene …

Jul 7

Using machine learning to detect happiness

In theory, a business’s top concern is their customer’s happiness. After all, a happy customer means a loyal customer, and a customer who is unsatisfied is generally bad for business. Therefore, businesses today should do well to track their customer’s satisfaction, and then attempt to make their customers even happier. This is easier said than done, as happiness (and the measurement of it) is more complex than it seems. 

Happiness can be understood in several ways, both quantitatively and qualitatively, yet several businesses either view it under a limited scope or do not consider it at all. Several businesses, with the intent of “interacting” with the customer, may send out surveys for customers to fill out about …

Mar 3

Predictions in Real-Time

Machine learning revolutionised the process of making predictions in business. Using vast stores of data to learn about customers. In the history of predictions: guesswork gave way to statistics, which in turn has given way to behavioural predictions. The next stage involves refining behavioural understanding and emphasising the importance of timing – dubbed real-time in the ML world. 

Electronic devices dominate a human’s daily life, within which attention is easily asked for and offered. It is easy to send a message, post an update, or give some indication of social existence. Instant engagement is the norm, and it is important for businesses to find a way to do the same. 

Human behaviour is of paramount importance …

Feb 2

Predictive quality of behavioural predictions 

The predictive quality of behavioural predictions is something to understand and utilise in order to further understand human behaviour. Behavioural predictions is centred on the study of humans, and how they go about their day-to-day lives. 

Humans are ever evolving and learn from their mistakes and misfortunes. From the very early days humans had to go off of instinct, but slowly learnt new skills over time. The skills that were learnt were often the instinctive traits that humans pick up from one another. Take for instance the decades-old lesson of the very hot stove. When we were younger we would observe the adults in our family and notice that they would actively avoid touching stoves while cooking. …

Nov 11

How predictions are shaping your world.

Our latest project is close to fruition so the time has come to illuminate a few key factors. With the rise of research into new methods of communication, we have been working tirelessly to create an effective tool with which companies can engage their clients. We are about to deploy the latest in prediction models that is an ethical take on data analytics. Using sets of closely regulated data, that remains private to the permissioned company, we have designed an algorithm to discover who you are. Through the process …

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