ecosystem.Ai Prediction Platform Applications

ecosystem.Ai Prediction Platform is now available on both Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Amazon AWS Marketplace. It’s a low code environment that uses a combination of AI and behavioral science to enhance your customer interactions with real-time recommendations.

Our robust platform enables you to:

  • Create revolutionary engagements using social science and behavioral algorithms
  • Seize opportunities with real-time capabilities
  • Reduce cost and time-to-market with effortless no-code/low-code deployment environment

Now, it’s easier than ever to install and deploy ecosystem.Ai Prediction Platform through Azure or AWS marketplace:

Azure Marketplace:

Get ecosystem.Ai Prediction Platform from Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a digital store that provides applications and services tailored for Microsoft Azure customers. ecosystem.Ai Prediction Platform leverages Azure’s cloud environment to offer seamless, scalable and efficient AI solutions. Available in the Azure Marketplace, ecosystem.Ai offers a low-code environment that employs a unique blend of AI and behavioral science. The platform smoothens and enhances customer interaction mechanics through timely and effective recommendations.

Through Azure Marketplace, deploying the ecosystem.Ai Prediction Platform is a matter of a few clicks. Once installed, businesses can take full advantage of ecosystem.Ai’s real-time capabilities, revolutionary engagement strategies, and cost-effective implementations – all hosted on the secure, scalable and robust Azure cloud environment.

AWS Marketplace:

Get ecosystem.Ai Prediction Platform from AWS Marketplace

Amazon AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy and deploy the software you need. Available on AWS, it simplifies the procurement process for users and increases operational efficiencies.

For more detailed information about the installation and use of the ecosystem.Ai Prediction Platform, please refer to our documentation.