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Nov 11

Time Series Analysis: The Basis of Predicting in Machine Learning

Data is vast and inherently hard to understand. So naturally, certain technologies, algorithms, and practices have been developed to help enhance the ways in which we understand, and ultimately use, data. The current trend states that all data is inherently valuable, however, this very much depends on what is considered to be of value. Algorithms built from selective data points, or features, are often used to predict the future. One such example is called time series analysis. Time series can be considered one of the most important means of processing data, especially in situations where historic data exists, or the expected value output requires actions to be understood over periods of time. 

Time series analysis is a …

Oct 10

The Data Dilemma: Language Requires Unique Analysis

Expression, conversation, inflection; are all complex facets of communication that are used unconsciously within our existence. Language comprises more than just the written and spoken elements within English, but can be found in gestures, in numbers, in word of mouth or simply at the end of a pen. More than just a form of socialization, all these different types of language, at their core, are a means of transferring information from one party to another. If not in the words that are spoken, then the communication is found in the grammatical structure, the intonation of certain sounds, the symbols it uses, or how the language is written. 

Languages across the globe are forms of cultural understanding and …

Oct 10

Real-Time in Real Life Business

Imagine being able to see your customer’s actions and interactions with your product as they happen in real-time. Receiving user data the moment an action is taken, aiding the process of data collection and analysis, all the while finding higher productivity as trends are taken up as soon as they begin. With the process of real-time data, start-ups and companies can analyze their material as it updates. Thus, allowing them the benefit of speedy business decisions and quick, agile product adjustments. Not only could this benefit a business by giving insights, it also assists in the function of revenue building.

Market trends can become easier to analyze and act upon with the help of real-time data analytics. …

Sep 9

Implementing AI into Business

Today, Artificial Intelligent systems make up some of the most valuable tools that a business of any size can utilize. They are incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons, including the enhancement of business practices and outcomes, by implementing them into existing technologies. Within current technologically based business environments, AI can be implemented into almost every department. Internal business applications of AI could be used within the data space, such as in collection or management, as well as for increasing organisational capabilities. Alongside this, one of the spaces in which an AI system can greatly benefit a business is in marketing and sales. Such sales applications include the use of machine learning in conjunction with other technological systems …

Aug 8

Customer personality for churn intervention

For most consumer-based companies around the world, the top priority is to prevent their customers from leaving their service, otherwise known as churning. This is a widely accepted truth in the business world, as consumers and customers are the lifeblood of any company. Yet, despite this, 85% of customers say that a company could have done more to retain them. This is likely because most companies lead studies in order to predict churn as it happens, but not on how to prevent it. While predicting when a customer will leave is a vital part of the process, there needs to be effective preventative measures in place as well.

That being said, companies today already have several ways to intervene …

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