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Simplified deployment configuration

End-to-end delivery capability for your machine learning needs. From data ingestion to model deployment, use the server to configure and track your prediction ecosystem.

Scale and automate your predictions, increase speed of experimentation, and add feature stores.

Integrates seamlessly with all leading open-source prediction technologies.

Access the server via the Workbench, Jupyter Notebooks or directly via the REST API.

Client Pulse Responder

Deploy predictions in production

Put the models you created in the workbench into production and see results in milliseconds.

Fully configurable and automated, the client pulse responder facilitates fast deployment with automatic pipelines and containers.

Uses continuous re-enforcement learning concept and continually logs and learns from every interaction, to constantly improve accuracy.

Use customer data and artificial intelligence to test machine learning hypotheses
feature engineering with flexibility for data scientists with coding knowledge


Work in Python

Jupyter notebooks with ecosystem intelligence for an alternate platform to perform machine learning activities.

Provides increased flexibility for data scientists with coding knowledge. Increase productivity and automation capabilities by eliminating repetitive activities and replicating important processes.

Use notebooks to ingest data, retrain models, setup deployments and much more…


Low-code machine learning interface

User interface for mapping projects. From hypothesis input, to validated use-case model creation.

Conceptualise, design, experiment, simulate and validate your machine learning models.

Prepare your data, enrich and create features, select algorithms, and use machine learning techniques to build predictions.

Make data-driven decisions with behavioral analytics and ai analytics using the ecosystem.Ai Workbench
analyze elements of your data storytelling and visual analytics in real-time


Real-Time analysis with Grafana

Instant connection to Grafana Dashboards gives you real-time analysis of your predictions in production.

Grafana offers powerful insight into your prediction’s performance with heatmaps, histograms, graphs, geomaps etc.

Query, visualise, alert-on and understand your data no matter where its stored.


Data intelligence with superset

Seamless connection to Superset Dashboards that allow for business tracking.

Quickly identify successful or underperforming predictions.
Lightweight with intuitive design, Superset allows for humans of all skill sets to explore their data.

Meaning, you don’t have to be a data scientist to see what your data is telling you.

View and monitor customer segmentation from your own big data
ai powered automation pipelines for enterprise and business


Pipelines for Enterprise data

Data scheduling pipelines for enterprise databases with Airflow, and other connected technologies.

Retrain models, update deployments, and automate changes in seconds.

Increase continuous intelligence with automated model pipelines that enhance your data and allow models to be productionized more efficiently.


Connected technology for Enterprise

Open-source technology for enterprise ready configurations. Training and scoring servers simplify your training process with default models and pre-defined scoring templates.

Includes pre-prepared personality, sentiment, and topic analysis models ready to build into your application.

Easy access via API. Use Internal workers for all your data ingestion and feature store creation with orbit, ludwig, presto and more…

data driven innovation with open-source technologies