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Contemporary society has seen a shift in the dynamics of customer engagements.

There is a focus on using artificial intelligence to understand customers better, to ensure successful business outcomes, and machine learning is the key to making good predictions.

ecosystem.Ai works with combining real-time prediction abilities, an understanding of human behavioural attributes, and expert technical and collaborative skills in order to deliver more reliable predictions.

Our products integrate seamlessly into any organisational environment, ensuring the most comfortable space in which to perform your predictive machine learning activities.

Our goal is to help businesses in their journey to better customer engagements.

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Behavioral Prediction Journey

Finding evidence of human behavior in data has been the primary purpose of our journey. It’s not just about the mathematical and statistical correctness, or prediction-accuracy and -recall rates anymore. Humans are dynamic beings that perform many different roles including customers, clients, employees and patients. Algorithms need to include key dimensions of how humans really behave and engage with each other and the environment.

Providing the tools and means to make better predictions. We are excited by the opportunities that artificial intelligence has to offer. The capability to personalise customer engagements, and communicate the right choices for both the customer and the organisation. The ability to enhance current data ethics standards, and ensure personalisation and privacy are always synonymous. And the opportunity to continually learn and adjust to the inevitable changes in human behavior.


ecosystem.Ai Products and Solutions

Many organisations have vast lakes of data about customers and business practices. All of this data can be used to extract valuable insights about customers, opportunities for predictions, and possible engagement techniques. The problem is what to do with the data, how much of it is relevant, and how it can be used to derive the most valuable insights. Humans are easy to observe, but difficult to predict.

With ecosystem.Ai the solution to this problem is at the core of what we do. By utilising a combination of behavioral knowledge, and real-time technology, we have developed the ideal prediction environment. Encompassing these capabilities with unrelenting expertise, and more, to deliver on business expectations.

We offer a unique selection of products and solutions to fit any business prediction need. Or products are the ecosystem.Ai Workbench, which is the user interface that allows you access to a multitude of data science and deployment functionalities; and the Client Pulse Responder, which is used to make real-time predictions. There are also a series of pre-written Modules that provide predictive solutions to common business problems.

Feature Engineering

Build your own models and deploy in real-time

Leverage your investments in H2O.aiTensorflowLudwig

Let your models compete with each other for optimal results

Re-enforcement learning process that's business case driven

Behavioral Predictions

Pre-configured models and deployment approaches

Predict human behavior with our dynamically adjustable prediction approach

Using social and data science to find optimal modeling approaches

Client Pulse Responder


Real-time scoring and intelligent engagement technologies with behavioral features

Deploy models into production to enable real-time predictions

Create learning feedback and re-train approaches for optimal explore/exploit results

Product Overview



Finding your optimal customer engagement rhythm

Relationships matter to all of us, but machines find it difficult to understand the human dynamic of interaction science. We have created a set of modules that will assist you with intelligent interventions, as you engage with customers across your channels. This will help you find customers more reliably, predict when customers will leave you, and know when and what product or service to sell.


Transaction Analytics

In order to understand how customers behave, you require an intelligent approach to categorization. Our Categorization Engine uses a number of unique algorithms and models to understand behavior. If you want to influence aspects of your customers' spending and earning behaviors, or understand and utilise their interaction profiles. Use this module before you use any of the traditional analytics tools.


Customer and employee behavioral prediction

Predicting human behavior requires more than just mathematics and artificial intelligence. We are all part of an integrated society with key norms and influences that impact most of our buying behaviors. Including travel, eating and entertainment decisions, amongst others. Our social constructivist and social functionalist data enrichment options use behavioral algorithms to enable more accurate human predictions. We use a number of selected data points that represent a customers' digital, human-contact, and personal activities.


Predict what to sell when to customers

Predicting your customers' behaviors are critical to understanding what they'll buy next. This module is used to predict the propensity by which a customer is most likely to engage in a service or buy your product. When combined with behavioral segmentation, this module can be used to refine customer engagements. It is important to know when and how your customers are willing, and able, to buy your products.


Segment your customers based on their behaviors

Most segmentation models use financial measures and a limited number of behavioral characteristics to segment customer markets and preferences. Our computational social science view of the customer, allows for dynamic behavioral analytics and segmentation. Based on a number of changing dimensions.


The real reasons why customers are leaving

Why do customers really stop buying what you're selling? This elusive challenge cannot be solved by looking at historical data alone. The churn module is designed to allow for dynamically adjusted interventions throughout the customer engagement life cycle. Using happiness indicators, product distraction vectors, account balances-to-zero, activation errors, and more; all assist with reducing churn.


Philosophy of Wellbeing

Financial health and transactional wellbeing are an important part of contemporary human livelihood. Understanding how transactions affect everyday life is a crucial component of customer engagement. We have a suite of modules that assist with understanding the philosophy of money, including life rituals people engage in, when earning and spending. Ensuring wellbeing means living up to your organisations' responsibility to your customers. The wellness modules promote better customer engagements and enhance continued customer loyalty.


Platform and Overview

We have an end-to-end approach that solves a number of behavioral prediction challenges.
Our products and solutions have been developed with uniques capabilities to consistently deliver reliable predictions.

The products are the ecosystem.Ai Workbench, the Client Pulse Responder, and Notebooks of the product; and the solutions are a series of pre-written Modules. Each of these can be utilised by multiple departments in your company, and are fully customisable for any environment within your organisation. When using these product deployments, the features and usability remain the same. With ecosystem.Ai there are no limits on data ingestion, data enrichment, feature engineering or worker functionality. Deployment sizes are unconstrained, allowing for unlimited machine learning and model training power.

The ecosystem.Ai platform houses a data layer, modelling workers, and prediction servers.
The Workbench is central to our unique Client Pulse Responder which works with re-enforcement learning. The Notebooks form part of our open-source collaboration with other progressive technologies.

Runtime deployments can happen natively, or on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS.
With ecosystem.Ai there are a number of stages that work in unison to deliver reliable and accurate predictions.


Driving Customer Success

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