The first low-code environment to combine behavioral social science with real-time machine learning.

Make data-driven decisions powered by continuous learning. Letting you innovate, excite, and create richer human experiences through automated predictive interactions.

The platform for business ai

We make Machine Learning, Behavioral Science and

Real-Time Predictive technology accessible to You

We’ve enhanced the veracity of generative Ai

A seamless collaboration of real-time machine learning, and generative AI. Implement’s methodology to reduce the prevalence of generative ai hallucinations. Utilise access to multiple approaches that enable you to achieve more accurate outputs, sparking creativity and enhancing your recommendations.

Use big data to create artificial intelligence, enhancing yous data analytics capabilities with machine learning

Products based on
Artificial Intelligence and
Computational Social Science

Understand and predict ever-changing human habits.

Targeted solutions to accelerate your company’s growth

Harness the power of Ai to give Your company the competitive edge

Recommend offers with big data

Recommender Systems

Send compelling offers, nudges, and triggers at decisive moments.
Use behavioral sciences to communicate better

Interaction Science

Nurture lasting relationships with highly personalized interactions.
data analytics solutions for increasing productivity


Boost productivity, streamline processes, and delight customers.
Enterprise modules for data-driven decisions

Enterprise Solutions

Enhance your enterprise with sophisticated AI solutions.
Test and experiment with various customer experiences


Test the power of your offers and interactions, in real-time.
build your own machine learning modules

Build Your Own

Use our product to build your own machine learning solutions.

Low-code and easy to use, the Modules integrate seamlessly into your existing environment. Each Module comes pre-configured with comprehensive algorithms and ready-to-use behavioral features.

Powerful Behavioral Science Ai

Train your system to
recognize individuality

Most companies use stereotypical personas to target customers. Which can lead to generic offers, impersonal communication, and frustrated customers.

We help your business stand out from the competition. Empowering you to understand your customers better, and respond to them in real-time, at their level.

Because when you keep your customers happy, you keep them with you.

  • Boost customer loyalty and retention with wellness programs

  • Respond to complaints based on human words, tone, and language

  • Design personalized interventions that excite and engage customer

Real-Time Predictive Technology

Build successful predictions, with results in milliseconds

Work smarter and faster with technology that analyzes real-time human behavior. You can drive winning campaigns, predict offers, and capitalize missed opportunities.

No more guesswork or waiting for batch processes to analyze performance. See results as they happen.

The more interactions in your system, the more your models learn, the better they predict.

  • Increase productivity with automated workflows to enhance employee behavior

  • Respond instantly to interactions based on personality and behavioral patterns

  • Nudge personalized offers and discounts at pivotal times

  • Push messages and notifications at the right time

Low-Code, Less Stress

Intuitive design for seamless environment integration

Our low-code platform makes it easy to build and deploy models to suit your business needs. No coding knowledge required. But if coding is your thing, you can customise more detail and complexity using the ecosystem.Ai Notebooks.

Don’t have historic data? No problem.

Build your use-case, start engaging, and see reactions in real-time. Your models then update and learn from these responses.

  • Automate processes, personalize interactions and measure outcomes

  • Collaborate with teams using one platform for all data and insights

  • Build infinite use-cases to solve your business problems

  • Configure feedback loops for continuous learning

You don’t need data to start making predictions

Generate your own intelligent data, make money faster and reduce time to market, while your predictions are in production.

Eliminate bias by allowing your models to learn through Dynamic Experimentation, and lower the cost of production while you make money.