Jul 7

Use machine learning and computational social science to engage your client

Relationship dynamics can be seen in two ways. Either as a data science problem or as a human driven endeavor. But, how far do we need to go to understand the customer’s behavior in order to capture more value and keep them engaged through automated predictions?

There is a complexity in the trust model that needs to be defined when predictions …

Jun 6

It’s not about mathematics anymore

Call to mind the ever present aura of prediction, a modern-day obsession with defining the undefinable. The world of academics and business-people have been so seduced by the notion of being able to pre-empt future actions. Accurate predictions have become a matter of survival for companies, by means of being proactive rather than reactive to individual customer shifts.

In favour of predictive analytics, the likelihood of being able to …

Sep 9

Computational Social Science and money in a digital world

The concept of money has evolved over centuries. Concurrently with this evolution, society’s psychological and social relationship to money has evolved from the original “philosophy of money.” Little did we know how things would change.

Bartering is the exchange of items of perceived similar value, which was the main method of transacting before the progression to the use of currency.

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