Our latest project is close to fruition so the time has come to illuminate a few key factors. With the rise of research into new methods of communication, we have been working tirelessly to create an effective tool with which companies can engage their clients. We are about to deploy the latest in prediction models that is an ethical take on data analytics. Using sets of closely regulated data, that remains private to the permissioned company, we have designed an algorithm to discover who you are. Through the process of collection, analysis and classification, we are extracting the hidden value of humanity from within the data.

Working directly with institutions to extract and learn from data to create an exciting new way for companies to relate to their clients. As we do not mine public data, the profiles we design are institution specific and always remain within the realms of a specific company’s privacy principles. From a vast number of models, we have put together a handful of algorithms that look for a clients personality. Each of these algorithms is specially tailored to fit an institutions desired communication needs.

Using a collection of company specific, data point interactions through glass, voice and human, we can determine a company’s best course of action to creating a financially healthy environment for clients. These new algorithms are a continuation of the Client Pulse Responder project we have been constantly moulding and adapting. The crux of which is determining the rhythm with which clients engage with their money. On identification of this rhythm it is easy to fall in step and ensure continued client engagement. Consider the ability to understand a client in such a way that makes it possible to communicate with them only when they most need it.

Through the use of our product, a person no longer remains just a few sets of data points, but becomes the picture of a human with values, conscience, and desires. It is with this picture a company can then provide the best possible solutions for a clients unique needs and respect their individual needs of engagement. Gone are the days of broad spectrum engagement that lacks the attention and the details necessary to truly connect with clients. With our product you can light up the face of each of your clients and begin to interact with them as individuals.

  • Jessica Nicole