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What business people should know about Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of modern commerce. In our next session, we’ll interview Dr. Jay van Zyl, to discuss the practical applications of integrating AI technologies into your business. Dr. van Zyl begins by explaining why AI is essential to business, citing its ability to automate mundane tasks, identify patterns and trends, and [...]

Dynamic recommenders with Bayesian exploration

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Dynamic recommenders with Bayesian exploration are able to provide more accurate and personalized recommendations than traditional recommenders. By taking into account the user’s past behavior, the recommenders can adjust the recommendations to better fit the user.

Practical applications of Bayesian regression with ecosystem.Ai

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Bayesian regression is a statistical method used to estimate the relationship between variables. It uses Bayesian inference, which is a form of statistical inference that relies on probability theory. In Bayesian regression, the relationships between variables are estimated through data rather than through assumptions.

Advanced Bayesian exploration and technical applications

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This presentation will provide an overview of advanced Bayesian exploration and its technical applications. We will discuss Bayesian methods for exploratory data analysis, predictive modeling, and other data science tasks.