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With the rapid evolution of AI technologies, particularly the anticipation surrounding GPT-5, we stand at a crossroads: How will the advent of new, more advanced systems affect the use of current or outdated models? This event will tackle the critical questions facing our industry today, including the potential redundancy of older GPT versions in the face of newer, more sophisticated iterations and the challenges for creators working with these evolving platforms.


Furthermore, ecosystem.Ai is excited to announce a significant update regarding the future of our meetups and social calendar. We’re introducing a more engaging and informative way to share insights about ecosystem.Ai’s innovations and the dynamic world of AI. This year, 2024, is set to be a milestone for AI advancements, and we’re thrilled to offer a platform for deep dives into these developments.


This meetup promises not just a discussion on the technicalities and strategic implications of rapidly advancing AI technologies but also a glimpse into how ecosystem.Ai plans to enhance community engagement and knowledge sharing in this fast-evolving landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned AI professional, a technology enthusiast, or someone keen on understanding the future of artificial intelligence, this event is designed to provide valuable perspectives on navigating the swift currents of AI innovation.


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