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When, Where, What, How, Who: The five W[H]’s to test before, or while, you deploy.

There are often too many variables to account for when ‘dealing’ with the human in a system. Human beings are difficult, confused, spontaneous, ever-changing beings that love to feel attended to. So how do we attend accurately and with empathy?

7am (San Francisco). 8am (Denver). 9am (Chicago). 10am (New York). 3pm (London). 4pm (Germany). 4pm (South Africa). 5pm (Eastern Europe).

When do we engage or make an offer?
Where should the offer be presented?
How do we approach an engagement to illicit a good response?
What language/product/design should we use to provide happiness?
And with Whom do we engage at all?


\ Well, let’s test it
\ Well… let’s test it out!
\ Shall we test?
\ Shall we test it out and see?

Which one of these speaks to you most?

Experiments catapult testing far beyond the dual optioning of AB testing, and allows the results of those tests to be customer-based. Meaning, that even if option \ is the most popular, there is no need to force that on the rest of your customers that prefer option .

ecosystem.Ai, bringing complex capabilities within reach of any business, in order to build your own human based interactions, and ensure your customers’ happiness.

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