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Building the Right Recommender to suit YOUR customers

Using ecosystem.Ai, you can utilize the power provided by the easy to navigate low-code platform, real human behvaioral based algorithms, and a truly momentus real-time engine. Make all the right recommendations, and give your customers the attention they deserve.

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But how to achieve this?

Recommenders are the hot topic of all businesses looking to grow. There are many brands that have built their businesses on the capabilities that recommenders offer – Spotify, Instagram, Netflix, and on the list goes.


But do any of us really know what a recommender does? And can we fathom the complexities of design and hypothesis and configuration that goes into making a recommender that will actually work? Well the key here is to get a recommender out-the-box, all complexities included, so you only need to grapple with the need.


This is an open discussion, and we invite everyone to participate in bringing new ideas forward, discussing common complexities, or just theorizing on a possible great new recommender application!

ecosystem.Ai, bringing complex capabilities within reach of any business, in order to build your own human based interactions, and ensure your customers’ happiness.

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