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It’s our birthday… At least, we think it is ;)

This week, let’s be nostalgic and just hang out. Let’s discuss all the coolest things we’ve discussed over the past many many many months.
What struck you the most?

7am (San Francisco). 8am (Denver). 9am (Chicago). 10am (New York). 3pm (London). 4pm (Germany). 4pm (South Africa). 5pm (Eastern Europe).

This week is about all things ecosystem.Ai. Maybe we’ll share a little something about where the name comes from. Perhaps we can share a little insight about what truly makes us tick.


The Open Discussion this week is all about questions – ask us anything, or ask us nothing, either way, we’d love for you to join us.

ecosystem.Ai, bringing complex capabilities within reach of any business, in order to build your own human based interactions, and ensure your customers’ happiness.