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You cannot know what you do not know, until you encounter it. We put forward the question: “why not make money while you test your options?”. The ecosystem.Ai Dynamic Experimentation solution will be the hot-topic case study of these discussions. Using us, not only will you find yourself able to build your own human-based interactions, but you will be able to test them in-production. You don’t need data to start making predictions, all you need is your amazing mind, a business hypothesis and access to ecosystem.
Our product story is about enabling you to do what has been previously unattainable: To build your own machine-learning automated, behaviorally enhanced interactions.
We believe digital interactions are personal, and the need for novelty and excitement is at an all time high. It is now time for you to personalise your engagements, interventions and human-oriented systems. Prioritising the humans in your system means ensuring better employee performance, increased customer life-time value and more sophisticated means of testing your own business options.
We are hosting an in-person event for our community in New York at 12:30pm (NY). Our very own Dr’s Jay van Zyl, and Eric Newby will be helping us create new knowledge for optimal decision-making through experimentation.

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