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Prompt Engineering Evolution: Defining the New Program Simulation Prompt Framework Join us for this week’s meetup as we delve deeper into the fascinating world of behavioral technology and real-time prediction.  We are honored to host our esteemed guest speaker, Giuseppe Scalamogna, who will be presenting on his groundbreaking paper – “Prompt Engineering Evolution: Defining the New Program Simulation Prompt Framework”. https://towardsdatascience.com/prompt-engineering-evolution-defining-the-new-program-simulation-prompt-framework-d8a1ee096904 In this paper, Scalamogna explores new avenues in prompt engineering techniques designed to make the latest model, ChatGPT-4, behave like a program. During his research, he was particularly intrigued by how this AI model could self-configure functionality within the boundaries of the program specifications. This approach yielded impressive results, and many professionals have successfully utilized this method across a diverse array of use cases. Scalamogna’s talk will also broach into new territory – what happens when we give the AI more freedom to define the program’s behavior and functions? While this may lead to sacrificing some consistency and predictability, the added flexibility may potentially open up to more options and adaptability across a broader spectrum of applications.   This session promises invigorating discussions that could very well influence how we deploy AI in real-world applications.



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