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7am San Francisco. 8am Denver. 9am Chicago. 10am New York. 3pm London. 4pm Paris. 4pm South Africa. 5pm Eastern Europe.


Generate your own intelligent data, make money faster and reduce time to market, while your predictions are in production.

Eliminate bias by allowing your models to learn through Dynamic Experimentation, and lower the cost of production while you make money.


This session will be led by Jay van Zyl and Eric Newby. They will be taking us through the Dynamic Experimentation Framework for ecosystem.Ai predictions. This will be done as part of the dynamic configuration within the ecosystem.Ai Workbench. Experimentation is a vital part of your prediction success, While you can have templates for technology, there are no templates for humans. With testing and experimenting, you can discover your customers’ individualism’s and keep up with their ever-changing natures.


Join us for this great discussion and expand the possibilities of your digital engagements. Simply RSVP here and let’s chat!


ecosystem.Ai are a dynamic group of professionals that are intrigued by finding the human in the data. Join our experts for weekly discussions regarding the untapped depths of behavioural analytics and the progressive opportunities afforded by computational social science. The movement of individualisation in business practices, and so much more!

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