All products designed to ease the Data Science process, for the Technically Minded Business Person and Data Scientists alike. Occasionally configured, no-code and low-code environments, space to build and be creative.

  • Recommender

    The ecosystem.Ai Recommender Module is the essential package for any size business. Packed with all the Business and Data Science functionality you need to begin building your very own human centric recommenders. Don't get lost using rudimentary recommenders that don't account for the human in your system. Use the Recommender Module to always make the right offers to your customers, in a way that best suits them. >> See below for more details
  • No Data Experiments

    The ecosystem.Ai No Data Experiments Module is the essential package for data science testing. Use this Module to overcome common difficulties associated with the data science process. Having difficulties accessing your data? Whether the data is currently inaccessible, unavailable, or unusable; with ecosystem.Ai No Data Experiments Module you don't need data to start. Experiment in the pre-deployment phase with different data types, model configurations, and run simulations. Start experimenting right now, without the usual bottlenecks, resource constraints and missing data. Plug in this Module and begin testing, all you need is a list of vidgets (items) to test. >> See below for more details
  • The Sandbox

    The ecosystem.Ai Sandbox is the essential Platform; with all Business, Data Science and Technologist functionality you need to build your own human-centric interactions. Use the Sandbox to curate and manage all prediction projects and deployments. Validate, analyse and collect all transactions, interactions and customer response data. Seamlessly integrate and maintain the Platform Sandbox ecosystem, with cloud storage and prediction deployment into a production environment of your choice. The Sandbox is packed with goodies to solve any Business problem, provide Data Scientists with an easy-to-navigate environment, and provide Technologists with all the right tools. >> See below for more details
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