Product and Platform

Jay van Zyl, PhD, is the lead Computational Social Scientist at ecosystem.Ai, pushing the boundaries of technology and predictive models for continuous innovation.

Eric Newby, PhD, an Applied Mathematician and product designer, leads his team in behavioral research to shape and enhance the product.

Together, they propel advancements in technology, marked by their significant contributions to ecosystem.Ai.

Jay van Zyl
Eric Newby

Deployment and Management

Rob Janssens, is the Chief Client Officer, managing enterprise initiatives while illustrating the potential of ecosystem.Ai to meet business requirements.

Ramsay Louw leads technical implementation, facilitating product integration into diverse systems, ensuring stable real-time predictive deployments.

Together, they facilitate a smooth transition towards making predictions using ecosystem.Ai

Rob Janssens
Ramsay Louw


Jessica Nicole, a Behavioral Analyst at ecosystem.Ai, fuses behavioral science techniques into algorithms for evolving, accurate recommendations.

Jessica Nicole

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Contact us at ecosystem.Ai

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