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Generative models are the new hot topic, they have many uses, as well as shortcomings.
In the right environment, they can be tuned to make accurate predictions about customer recommendations.
When in conjunction with ecosystem.Ai, these recommendations will be in real time.
There are a handful of challenges associated with purely Ai generated content, especially considering how many nuances there are to human culture. Overcoming these challenges is a matter of using a more human centric approach to machine learning.
This presentation will provide an overview of how to tune generative models to make accurate predictions about customer recommendations in real time. We will demonstrate the data preparation and model training process in the ecosystem.Ai platform. Discussing the various techniques and strategies that can be used to improve the accuracy of generative models, and how to use our platform to quickly and easily build and deploy models.
Finally, we will discuss the benefits of using our platform to make customer recommendations in real time.
Led by our founder Dr Jay van Zyl, join us on this three part series as we explore the ecosystem.Ai platform and its many embedded functionalities. See how we utilise the power of real-time to interact better with customers.

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