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Unveiling the power of ecosystem.Ai’s custom GPT Use Case Designer with renowned prompt engineer Giuseppe Scalamogna and ecosystem.Ai founder Jay van Zyl


In this first online event of 2024, we will be unveiling the transformative potential of ecosystem.Ai’s custom GPT Use Case Designer.


This exciting exploration will spotlight the capabilities and unprecedented advantages brought forth by our uniquely tailored Generative Pretraining Transformers (GPT). One of the foremost reasons that the majority of businesses don’t adopt AI, is for fear of the complexity that comes with implementation. ecosystem.Ai has come up with a revolutionary way to bridge the gap between ‘before-AI’ thinking, into becoming an ‘AI-powered’ business!


Enter: the Use Case Designer, the ultimate companion to creating high-value, adaptable recommenders, tailored to fit your exact business needs. Join us as the distinguished Giuseppe Scalamogna, a renowned prompt engineer, who with his insightful knowledge and discerning expertise, has redefined the realm of AI planning, and ecosystem.Ai founder, Jay van Zyl, an undisputed pioneer in the field of AI, takes us through the steps of generating ecosystem.Ai use cases.

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