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Novelty, what a wonderful [not so new] concept that has surprisingly little said about it. The most popular application of novelty is the ever-famous Spotify, but where else can this concept be used for the improvement of human experience?


Newness is something most recommenders in production poorly lack at the moment. You buy an item online in an emergency, and you won’t escape the shadow of its legacy every time you log back in. Or worse yet, you have a moment of yellow frenzy when decorating a child’s bedroom only to be offered yellow undies, toothbrushes, cargo pants and more for the next two years!


The power of novelty is sadly overlooked by all businesses looking to make better connections with their clients/customers. By introducing an item, message, or other, outside of a humans current pool of ‘likes’, you can provide a sense of excitement. Possibly even giving this human the opportunity to like something they never thought they would. Remember how as a kid you hated mushrooms, and now you’re out every other weekend foraging for them in the forest? If every recommender you encountered avoided mushrooms always, you might never have discovered a new joy.

Humans change. Humans grow. Humans need novelty.



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