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Join us for an exciting talk on application of latest AI techniques in commerce by a prominent expert.

DATE: 18 January 2023

TIME: 16h00 SAST / 14h00 UTC

DURATION: 2 hours 15 minutes

ZOOM LINK: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85737524282?pwd=clNGRXdra2pwK0pzYzM0U2lXQlhOdz09

Intro: 5 mins
State of AI and Application – Graham: 25 mins
Making Money, Saving Money, Protecting Money – Jay: 60 mins
Questions and Discussion – All: 30 mins

COST: Free!

Dr Jay van Zyl
Founder, ecosystem.AI
Adjunct Faculty Member, Henley Business School
Co-Chair Analytics and Ecosystems i4j Innovation for Jobs by IIJ Foundation
Adjunct Faculty Member, GIBS Business School
Adjunct Professor, California State University

Jay is well known as an innovative thinker, product developer, researcher, consultant and business builder.

What many do not know is that he is also an international leader in AI based recommendations engines and has pioneered realtime recommendations and even the ability to generate these and adapt the models that drive them without prior training, on the fly and during operations. Latest work is moving into predicting human behaviour in response to these interventions – also in real time!

In this talk he will discuss how leading players (Telcos, Healthcare, Loyalty, Financial Services) are adopting and using ecosystem’s technology to introduce recommendation engines that increase user engagement and drive sales in real time. How the same technology can be used to optimise processes and reduce costs. How AI technologies deployed at realtime can reduce risk and protect against fraud and other problems. In addition he will discuss the architecture of the solution they have developed and how it deals with volumes and scale, integration with production systems, and the pipeline used to deploy it rapidly without interruption of operations.

Graham McLeod
Founder/Chief Architect, Inspired (https://www.inspired.org)
Founder, Sapiento
Researcher, Duisburg-Essen University

Before Jay’s talk, Graham will give a brief summary of some of the key developments in the AI space in the last year or two and how these may be exploited in a variety of industries and applications. He will cover special vs general AI, Machine Learning, AI language models, AI picture generation and key AI companies and groups. Time permitting, we will include some examples/demo. The intent is for this to serve as a very rapid introduction, context and update before we dive into the main topic.

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