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Customer engagements are an integral part of the success of any business.
Just as fans are what keep celebrities alive, customers are the lifeblood of the existence of almost all business.
Generative models may be used to increase customer engagement, improve customer experiences, and define more personalized customer interactions.
There are many variables associated with achieving well targeted customer experiences, which ecosystem.Ai has built its philosophy on. By utilising a more human centric approach, and ensuring that everything happens in real-time, generative models can be used for succesful outcomes.
This presentation will provide an overview of how generative models can be used to enhance real-time customer engagements. We will discuss the various types of generative models and how they can be used to create personalized customer experiences. We will also provide a demonstration of the ecosystem.Ai real-time model serving platform that can be used to quickly deploy and manage generative models.
Finally, we will examine how generative models can be used to improve customer engagement and create more personalized customer experiences.
Led by our founder Dr Jay van Zyl, join us on this three part series as we explore the ecosystem.Ai platform and its many embedded functionalities. Experience our approach to using generative models, and real-time technology, to tailor better customer engagements.

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