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Join us as we explore causal accountability to improve customer engagement, using the advantages afforded by generative AI.
Dr. Eric Newby, who brings his profound expertise in Applied Mathematics and a keen understanding of machine learning, will delve into an in-depth discussion on causal inference. He will shed light on how causality increases the predictability and effectiveness of machine learning models. The talk will explore the complexities of causality within data, offering invaluable insights into how to correctly interpret correlations and anomalies.
The understanding of these influences leads to better decision-making, improved algorithm performances, and eventually, more reliable and robust Machine Learning applications. Furthermore, Dr. Newby will guide you on how to implement fundamental changes in designing machine learning models keeping causality in mind. This includes overcoming challenges in identifying causal relationships and accurately modeling these in the machine learning context.
This event promises to be an engaging and enlightening experience for data scientists, machine learning enthusiasts, algorithm designers, software engineers, and all others interested in the interplay of causality in machine learning and wishing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their models and applications.
Enhance your knowledge, decode the impacts of causality and learn how to implement change in machine learning applications



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