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Bring your own daquiris, it’s happy hour on the promenade

This week we are talking about nudges, progressive exposure, personalized info drops, and other behavioral techniques.

7am (San Francisco). 8am (Denver). 9am (Chicago). 10am (New York). 3pm (London). 4pm (Germany). 4pm (South Africa). 5pm (Eastern Europe).

Let’s discuss the latest news on the effectiveness of nudges. Have we been blinkered by shiny, but biased results? Or is it just a simple case of not utilising the construct correctly?
It appears to be the narrative more and more, advocating for Continuous behavioral tracking and interventions through experimentation as the alternative to static behavioral applications.


There are many forms of behavioral intervention, and many of the do work in very specialized environments. As is true with all human contexts, the key is in understanding the needs of the human with whom you wish to engage.

Using real human behavioral constructs in prediction deployments does not need to be complicated, daunting or unthinkable. With ecosystem.Ai the human sciences expertise of our team means that the algorithms you need are ready to be used. Simply consider your own hypothesis, apply the data you have (whether all or none), and begin your builds.


This open discussion is all about the human in the system, let’s hear from you how they should best be served.

ecosystem.Ai, bringing complex capabilities within reach of any business, in order to build your own human based interactions, and ensure your customers’ happiness

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