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B.Y.O.D – Open Discussion

Bring your own daquiris, it's happy hour on the promenade! This week we are talking about nudges, progressive exposure, personalized info drops, and other behavioral techniques.

Right here, right now! – Open Discussion

There's no time like the present Live in the moment Be present This is not just guru magic for a better life. It is the philosophy that all businesses wanting to succeed with automated interventions, should follow.

Building the Right Recommender

Using ecosystem.Ai, you can utilize the power provided by the easy to navigate low-code platform, real human behvaioral based algorithms, and a truly momentus real-time engine. Make all the right recommendations, and give your customers the attention they deserve.

Dynamic Experimentation for Customer Recommendations in Real-Time

Online See "website", Your Computer, The world

Dynamic experimentation for customer recommendations in real-time is an innovative approach to providing customers with tailored recommendations based on their individual preferences. ecosystem.Ai uses a combination of machine learning and computational social science to predict customer behavior and provide personalized recommendations.

Incorporating Customer Feedback for Better Predictions

Online See "website", Your Computer, The world

Responding to customers requires an understanding of the ever-changing human contexts in which they exist. It is important to remain knowledgeable and aware of current trends, industry changes, and the needs of customers. We will discuss methods of monitoring customer responses to experiments using dashboards and activating further dynamic experimentation in ecosystem.Ai.

What business people should know about Artificial Intelligence

Online See "website", Your Computer, The world

Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of modern commerce. In our next session, we’ll interview Dr. Jay van Zyl, to discuss the practical applications of integrating AI technologies into your business.