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All our plans come with unlimited business cases and users. No complex coding or customer data required. Select the plan that’s right for you and discover breakthrough insights while visualizing your analytics in production.

Platform Access
For those interested in data science, and building on their own
Pay as You Predict
from 4 CPU
from 30GB Storage
from 16GB RAM
Start Building
Unlimited Ecosystem
For businesses who want to scale and build multiple, simultaneous deployments
Full Platform Access
Unltd Modules
Unltd Support
Fully Customizable Configurations
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Plan Features

FEATURES Sandbox Modules Enterprise
CPU from 4 from 2 Unlimited
Memory from 16GB from 8GB Unlimited
Storage from 30GB from 30GB Unlimited

No-code tools for machine learning process

Workbench to define and deploy full data science projects Use Workbench to create or maintain existing Modules Full access to the Workbench
Jupyter Notebooks

Low-code templates with data science and machine learning

Jupyter Notebook templates to augment your toolbox of Python tools Use predefined Notebooks to perform a number of analytical tasks without technical complexity. Access to all Jupyter Notebook and Python Templates
Prediction Server Full life-cycle management Prediction life-cycles automated Full access to pipelines
Real-Time Dashboarding Make your own dashboards or use pre-defined ones for analysis Use pre-defined dashboards for scoring and monitoring business value Full dashboard integration
Analytical Dashboarding Make your own dashboards or use pre-defined ones for analysis Use pre-defined dashboards for monitoring Modules success Full access
Client Pulse Responder Deploy real-time predictors into production Use real-time predictions in your business process Full access
Data Ingestion Presto and other tools, connect to data sources and ingest data Access data sources Full access
Machine Learning H2O Server, PyTorch training and scoring Seamless prediction server access Access to all prediction workers
Security Integrated security Integrated security Enterprise integration
Logs Cloud backups Cloud backups Fully integrated and cloud backups
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