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Have you ever thought about the Human as an Algorithm?

7am (San Francisco). 8am (Denver). 9am (Chicago). 10am (New York). 3pm (London). 4pm (Germany). 4pm (South Africa). 5pm (Eastern Europe).

There is so much happening in the AI space:
– Advances in the economic sectors have seen automated business practices rapidly increasing economic value.
– While the realm of the human sciences has used the power afforded by computational capabilities to solve many human based dilemmas.
– Even the art scene has adopted carefully selected ML applications to usher in the technological movement.


Join us as we host an open discussion about the amazing things happening in the world of AI and machine learning.

Share your experiences, ask questions, ponder the possibilities, or just listen as we explore new topics and revisit old ones.


ecosystem.Ai, bringing complex capabilities within reach of any business, in order to build your own human based interactions, and ensure your customers’ happiness.

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