Our Engine uses a number of AI algorithms, including ecogenetic analysis that separates us from other analysis approaches and techniques. We have a wisdom identification algorithm that extracts intelligence from complex data.


The EcoGenetic Engine

A dynamic, organic, interactive, network analysis with AI functionality empowering advanced insight and decision making. Find your place, and then let us help you navigate the ecosystem.


The Ecosystem AI platform is an algorithmic tool based on behavioral social sciences, organizational optimization,  and network analysis, to layer data that’s been generated, collected, and sorted into various forms of representation.  It’s purpose is to understand external environments on both a macro and micro level, internal conditions ranging from project analysis to organizational structure, and the intersection of targeted market groups within or external to the organization.

A short lesson on ecosystems
(aka, The Circle of Life)

Have you ever wondered how or why natural scientists spend time mapping out the components of an environment including: animals, plants, water, the land, natural resources, weather, seasons as well as many other conditions to indentify how they interact with one another?

The how in a simplified explaination is indivdiuals gather data about all the connected and disconnected element within the context of the environment they wish to map and then they interpret how the living creaters and resources help to support and foster life. One may find that water is consumed at certain times by plants, insects, small and large animals. Plants are consumed by fungus, micro organisims and some animals whiles others don’t eat them at all. Plants provide protection and also deliver photosynthesis for the atmosphere all the while the animals eat, sleep, procreate, and eventually die where they too return to the earth.

The why is because without a complete understanding of what animals, and natural resources exist within a system they’d never truly be able to see nor understand what’s happening so they can protect, improve, or alter the system.

As you might guess, a great naturalist may do a fantastic job in mapping out the ecosystem and a poor naturalist, who may work just as hard, may produce a weak replication of the same environment.

Why the EcoGenetic Engine stands out?

In the world of algorithms and network analysis, anyone can deliver a network analysis, the challenge for you is to figure out if the output will be great, average or useless.

There are two factors that differentiate the great deliverers.  The first is the modeling done to select and identify what variables need to be included and the second is the algorithm.  (Did you know Google was competing with 300 other search engines when they were founded and their algorithm was one a micro difference from all the others).

Our engine analysis hundreds of data sets while current technology on the market today only looks at a handful of pieces of information.  The difference is we can see further, deeper, wider than any other Engine giving you a great Ecosystem to use for you organization.

How does it work?

The Ecosystem AI platform is an algorithmic tool using behavioral social science, network analysis to layer data generated, collected, and sorted into various form of representation. The engagement begins with defining the ecosystem as defined by the desired outcomes of our clients.  Next we we identify the variables that would best deliver the network(s) required to give you insight and then start building your database.

The data is then input into the Ecogenetic Engine and processed.  Internally the engine is finding invisible connections through millions of calculations.   For example, lets say you wish to identify an industry within a market, we my introduce 4357 companies in your engine and yet find that only 3% are focused on your market, your customer, your specialty.  You may also discover that a prospects CEO knows your head of procurement from previous employment. We may even find that the customer facing projects you have in house are disconnected with what your customers are trending.

While this may appear to be simple, imagine having to do this manually.  A small data set of 4357 companies would require over 70,000 calculations and over a million permutations.  A guess would be that a human would take 44 years to complete the task!!!

While some of our services end with you doing your own analysis on our platform, others prefer to have our data scientists help in the understanding of the outputs.  Additionally, you may want to build simulations or to create models to explore if you’re looking to acquire an organization in the near future.  Again, we help our clients us the The EcoGenetic Engine as a simulation tool were you may put in or take out variables do define new conditions that you may wish to avoid or better yet, to be the first to discover. Ecosystem.AI helps you build your future.

It’s our belief that a 3% in some markets such as financial services, 7% in new product development, 15% in retail, biotech, pharma, manufacturing, F&B, entertainment, professional services or any other industry in any market, for any organization of improved understanding of your Ecosystem will become one of the most important tools in your organization.