Prediction Platform

ecosystem.Ai technology platform facilitates the process of data enrichment and uses artificial intelligence to analyze usage models. It contains an innovative suite of applications and APIs that allow you to customize for relevant usage scenarios.

It’s a multi-faceted technology stack with core implementation algorithms for computational social science. This stack allows for the integration of core data and AI/ML platforms including open source technologies.

Use eAi open technology approach during your Agile projects and refine your backlog with intelligent design options. For example: use our Client Pulse Responder to allow for intelligent client messaging based on behaviors across digital channels and financial transactions.

We provide:

  • Enables your end-to-end predictor creation process.
  • Use our AutoML engine to automate prediction process.
  • Integrate H2O, Google, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, and IBM Watson prediction platforms.
  • Create your own deployable prediction runtime engine.