Finding Predictive Solutions

We are launching a platform that will focus on solutions that drive client engagement through predictive behavioral change modeling. This require an understanding of the key vectors that influence financial and digital behaviors.

Client Pulse Responder

ecosystem.Ai empowers business leaders to engage with customers in a highly effective multi-channel communications model. Transforming customer data into actionable insights through predictive modeling – and focusing on each individual customer’s activities, behaviors and preferences. ecosystem.Ai enables new approaches to customer relationship automation, including Client Pulse Responder and Time-Place-Act Modeling.


Instead of rigid design models, ecosystem.Ai Ecogenetic models data as a flexibly specified graph of elements and relationships. Real world entities like “people”, “organizations”, “behaviors” and their relevant features are modeled with multi-dimensional connections between them. The Ecogenetic model is a dynamic “model on read” approach that facilitates the ability to quickly gain insights from data. Computational models are applied to elements of the graph to extract social science influencers.


Understanding customers behavior shifts are at the heart of successful engagement and retention models. Emotional states change over time as customer communities evolve. Financial behaviors are influenced by various elements of the customer relationship network.




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Computational social scientist working on intelligent automation.

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