Changing Relationship Needs of Financial Clients

Life Stage Events

Clients move through life in broad phases and these often relate to financial needs. Transaction requirements might change slightly, but often forms the basis of long term engagement with the transaction provider. This could be seen as a consumer relationship where the ‘disappearing’ payments platforms enable transactions through mobility and app enabled technologies. Let’s take Uber or AirBnb as examples, you gets transported from point A to B, or get a good nights sleep. The purpose is get access to transport or accommodation, and the payment transaction is to facility the exchange in value.

As you get to a point where you purchase your first car, home, or finance that trip overseas, credit requirements shape your financial relationship. You might require to insure your assets or require other risk based products to create peace of mind.  This relationship intensifies with your wealth creation needs.

Machine Learning

Machine learning can be used to solve a number of prediction problems as clients move along the financial participation process. The combination of algorithms, regulatory requirements, client engagement experience and other forms of interaction create a complex environment for the data scientist and machine learning specialist.


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