Solutions We Provide

Client Engagement Prediction Modeling
We use spacial analysis and behavioral modeling to shape engagement strategies.
Dynamic Segmentation
Traditionally financial institutions only segment on income and expense. As financial behaviors are shifting towards the “gig-economy” with multiple income streams and diverse spending patterns, new approaches are needed.
Client Attrition Analytics
Do you know why your customers are leaving? Do you know why they’re not spending on your financial product any more? Using behavioral modeling through computational social science, new insights are extracted that be acted upon.
Financial Institutions Digital Intelligence
We assist financial institutions worldwide with their digital banking solutions by finding machine-intelligent ways to utilise data to improve digital channels & customer engagement.
Philosophy of Money and Wellbeing
Financial health is an important framework to consider because it is measurable and focused on impact.
Technology Modernization
Technology modernization processes include the use of agile approaches, devops, continuous delivery and full-stack technology understanding.

Reasons for Choosing Us

Full-stack Prediction

Service customer behaviors and expectations change, and organizations are becoming more digital. At the same time, lifestyles shift and the institution is not able to keep up. To move with these shifts in behavior, banks need state-of-the-art technology and expertise that can easily integrate into their organizations. ecosystem.Ai provides end-to-end client intelligence solutions that enable retail banks to provide a positive, practical and exciting customer experience.

  • ­Full-stack view of your prediction needs
  • ­Getting to automated solutions quickly

ecosystem.Ai shields the complexity of modern machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Our prediction products guide you through the process of producing predictors that can be deployed in days.

Latest Blogs

August 7, 2018

Computational Social Science: A shift from the abstract to the precise

If Social Science is the study of human society and the relationships between these people (using surveys and interview data, among other methods), what is Computational Social Science? Computational Social Science has the same intent as Social Science — understanding human society and relationships. But this field has shifted analysis and prediction from the abstract

July 23, 2018

Finding Predictive Solutions

We are launching a platform that will focus on solutions that drive client engagement through predictive behavioral change modeling. This require an understanding of the key vectors that influence financial and digital behaviors. Client Pulse Responder ecosystem.Ai empowers business leaders to engage with customers in a highly effective multi-channel communications model. Transforming customer data into

July 23, 2018

Changing Relationship Needs of Financial Clients

Life Stage Events Clients move through life in broad phases and these often relate to financial needs. Transaction requirements might change slightly, but often forms the basis of long term engagement with the transaction provider. This could be seen as a consumer relationship where the ‘disappearing’ payments platforms enable transactions through mobility and app enabled